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  • 5. 4. 2019.

    Medal for conceptual venture

    Institute employees Vana Rodin Kružić and Sanja Turk are winners of the award from the Croatian Chamber of Architects for the exhibition project How to Read a Spatial Plan.

    "The exhibition held for ten days in a public space was evaluated by its contribution to the raising of awareness of society and the local community about the needs of planned and civil behaviour in public space. The idea of the exhibition shows a high level of social, professional and social responsibility for the identity of Croatian territory and Croatian culture.

    How to Read a Spatial Plan is a well-conceived and extremely justified conceptual venture because it is educational for all citizens in the region about the making of spatial-plan documentation and is an urban-architectural profession guarantee for the better understanding and care for the space as a common and general national asset, which is expendable and non-renewable.

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