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  • The connection project has been running since 2017, and with it, municipalities and towns in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County have been able to access contents and data within the physical planning information system of the PGC. At the presentation, users were introduced to the changes and news connected to the access to the system, in other words to the technical upgrades and the possibility of using an application called “Urbanistička identifikacija” (Urban Identification).

    Those attending were greeted on behalf of the Institute by its director Adam Butigan, who highlighted how the connection project greatly facilitated the use of physical planning data for the municipalities and towns within the County’s area. “In this way, all the municipalities and towns that participate in the project have access to up-to-date and official data from the domain of physical planning, without the need of spending their own time and money on additional analyses.”

    After this, the 30...

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