• On 30th November 2023, the scientific and expert meeting entitled The Possibilities of defending the historic core of the town of Cres against storm surges and high tides was organised by the Island Development Agency upon the initiative of the Town of Cres, with the support of the County Port Authority of Cres and the Hrvoje Požar Energy Institute was held in the Moise Palace.... Read more

  • 30. 9. 2023.


    On 29th and 30th September 2023, the 5th Regional Conference of Evaluators of the Western Balkans (WBEN5) was held in Ljubljana, with the support of the Slovenian Evaluation Society and in cooperation with national representatives of the regional Network of Evaluators.

    The leading topic of the conference was: The evaluation of the effects of public policies – principles, methods and practices. Along with the plenary and parallel sessions, a WBEN round table was also held. The participants of the conference were familiarised with the implemented evaluations and innovative methodologies of the evaluation of the effects and finally discussed the... Read more

  • In 2022 the Institute for Physical Planning printed the scientific and expert publication The Analysis of the Vulnerability of the Coastal Area of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County due to rising sea level, on the basis of which the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets – Institute for Spatial Development offered the Institute the opportunity to be included in ... Read more

  • As part of the Smart Administration panel, a solution for monitoring spatial plans being prepared was also presented at the PratiPlan public debate.

    This traditional GDi event gathers rep... Read more

  • 7. 7. 2023.


    On 7th July 2023, a meeting of the heads and mayors of the municipalities and the City of Krk with the Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Oleg Butković, was held in the town hall of the City of Krk, which was also attended by representatives of Hrvatske Ceste and representatives of the Institute for Physical Planning of PGC.

    There was a presentation of the conceptual design of the planned road that will pass along the eastern side of the island of Krk, from the turning to Čižići near Omišalj to the junction above Punat, where the state road and the county road from the direction of Vrbnik now join.

    The production of the presented conceptual design was preceded by many years of activities, in which the Insti... Read more